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Book Love Book by Debbie Tung

Book Love Book by Debbie Tung

Well, does writing reviews about books online already say that I am a book nerd? If it does not, let me state it out loud: books are the best part of my life. Not only do they provide me with an emotional escape but their smell, how elegant they look lined up on my bookshelves – make this world a beautiful place for me.

And if you can relate to my words then Debbie Tung’s graphic novel titled as the Book Love is just for you! No matter what type of book you read (hardcover, paperbacks, new or used) you will find your own image within the pages of this particular book. Any genre-lovers welcome as well.

Book love

Book Love falls in the feel-good, whimsical, make-you-smile type of books that you read when you are in the mood for something light and cozy. In addition to that, Debbie Tung used her enchanting artistic skills to actually paint out the meaning of the word ‘bibliophile’. How are you going to feel if your much-anticipated book came with the movie cover instead of the actual cover? Did you ever have THAT awkward moment where you literally laughed out loud in a silent room because your book just told you something funny? Also, do you believe that “by living a reading life, I live many lives at once” sort of perspective? If you have a solid answer for all of these questions, then do stop by Tung’s Book Love and see your emotions portrayed through her art.

Tung knows how to get rid of a reading slump as well as more things you can do to understand books better. She also knows how to find the perfect reading position as well as fitness ideas for book lovers. If anyone ridicules your idea about making someone sign an agreement before you lend them your book, straight up suggest them to read a copy of Debbie Tung’s Book Love! In short, if you are planning to read this book (which you should be) prepare yourself to receive a warm hug from someone who equally shares your passion for books and will also provide you with helpful ideas to enhance your reading habit.

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