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Book Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Book Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Ambiance is important while reading a book or listening to music. It makes a huge difference.

Make a cup of tea. Make some free time a little late at night. If it’s gloomy outside, then you are lucky. Pick up this book and let your mind’s eye wander into the world where you won’t dare to actually see. Curious? You should be.

Those of us who are blessed with vision, ever think how terrifying it would be to not being able to see? To hear something right behind you but
cannot look upon to know whether it’s your doom or just a harmless sound?
Because if you see, it’ll be the beginning of your end. How it would be to live and raise your children in a world like this? Enter Bird Box.

Bird Box is a highly original and exceptional horror/psychological suspense thriller that will remind you that the unseen is much more terrifying than the seen. Starting on a global scale some eerie happenstance caused the world to change into a place of dread and death only. From that, we concentrate our view on a small suburb and a family. And we become a
part of their journey through this madness. Something, no one knows what is making people do things like suicide, homicide by driving them totally crazy once they see it. The tension build-up, creeping of horror, unnerving impending doom (or not, who knows, ’cause you can’t damn see) these are so impeccably done in this book that you’ll not only get immersed into it but will root for the characters, get invested in them.

Figure: Bird Box

I enjoyed the story, each line, each feeling what the writer was describing.
And for that reason, I can accept the one possible problem this book has.
That is an open-end type conclusion to the book. To me, it was a perfect
ending. If you are someone who wants a neat and clean ending with all the questions answered, then this will bother you a little bit. But if you see and feel the reasoning, truly enjoy the story, then you’ll find it has the best possible ending.

A book blurb without spoiler below-
“There is an unknown force that causes people to become murderous and suicidal when they see it. Nobody knows if it’s a race of strange creatures or any other number of things, but they know that it’s out there and it’s killing people. This strikes so much fear in the entire population that most people stop leaving their houses, but when they do, they blindfold themselves to prevent themselves from seeing this strange enemy. Since the characters you’re reading about are wandering around in this messed-up, apocalyptic world with only their senses of smell, touch, and hearing essentially, every little unexplainable noise or feeling is horrific. They never
know if there could be something right next to them that is capable of killing
them, and as a reader, neither do you.”
Give it a try.

If you want to buy this book, click here

Writer: Md. Jahidul Islam

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