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Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

Born a Crime is a journey of the South African comedian Trevor Noah from his native village to ‘The Daily Show’. If you don’t know yet what is this show about then let me say something about it first. It is kind of a fake news show where Trevor Noah presents political national issues with great humor. He even trolls the President of the USA a lot in that show. As I am more of a bookish than a television fan so I have come to know about this show after I have known about this biography ‘Born a crime’. So before reading his biography, I have watched a good number of episodes from The daily show just to know him a bit. And after that when Basically he was a mixed child born in South Africa and this book is mostly about his childhood and teenage life.

‘Born a crime’- at first, this name fascinated me so much! But in reality, the book was nothing like what I guessed from its name. It turns out that I had no idea about the actual racism is. The most interesting part is it is not even in the far past! It was happening when I was born. This big picture of apartheid just astonished me. Rather than that he has drawn an amazing picture of ‘hood’ life. I am quite sure most of the people outside South Africa has no idea about the hood. He has described a lot about it here. Honestly speaking I got a bit bored with the lengthy description of the hood life at the end. Trevor Noah’s mom is the second main character after him in this book. He always lived with his mom as she was a single mother. Their friendship, understanding, adventures are just amazingly beautiful. She was parallelly a cool and strict mom. He even got beaten up for his naughty nature in childhood. They had to face a lot of struggles together. Society was never easy on them because of apartheid moreover his mom was a single mother. He had spent most of the time of his childhood inside the boundary of the house. And when his mom admitted him to a school it was a real challenge to cope up there. He was not white nor black so he had no category where he could feel homely. Actually, this black and white dilemma was a lifetime thing for him.

Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

Trevor Noah with his mother, Patricia… to be played by Lupita

If I keep the real stories aside and talk about the quality of writing then I have to say, the flow of the writing is very good. It is humorous and it has great observations about society, religion, racism and many more. Trevor Noah has perfectly brought the comedy from his stage to a book. It’s really hard to believe that he is actually not a writer but kept this much patience and wrote this whole book. The childhood journey of Trevor Noah is amazing. I got to know about a naughty little kid who has done a tremendous amount of crazy acts during his entire childhood. The book was a complete package of humor, social crisis, family crisis, love of mother and son and a lot more. I just felt that I was a part of their journey while reading this book.

So if you are looking for an awesome biography then it’s a recommendation from me.

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Writer: Farzana Gunjan

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