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Decrypting The Da Vinci Code

Decrypting The Da Vinci Code

If anyone ever asks me what is your favorite book of all times, my answer will be The Da Vinci Code. I have read it twice, well for me reading a book twice is a big deal. This book has created controversy over the years regarding some serious revelations like the story of Mary Magdalene, secret cults, rituals, and organizations, which the author of the novel, Dan Brown states to be accurate. I would like to take you through my journey of how the book changed the way I looked at the evolution of Christianity.

Let us begin with a FUN FACT! Every four years, planet Venus traces a seamless pentacle across the ecliptic sky. The ancient Greeks were so astonished to observe this phenomenon, that Venus and her pentacle became symbols of perfection, beauty, and the cyclic qualities of sexual love. Did you know the four-year schedule of the modern Olympic Games follows the cycles of Venus? The Greeks used Venus’
four-year cycle to design their Olympiads as a tribute to the goddess. And the five-pointed star had almost become the official seal for the sport. Eventually today you can see the symbol is an image of five intersecting rings. This depicts the spirit of inclusion and harmony.

The Da Vinci Code

When we see someone with a cross pendant across their neck, we instantly identify her/him as Christian.
And we know the cross resembles the crucifix, right? But in this book, it is clearly pointed out that the concept is just the opposite. They are peaceful crosses and if you notice closely the crosses are equal both vertically and horizontally.

Have you ever wondered why there are always so many theories around one of Vinci’s greatest work, Mona Lisa? Vinci himself claimed her as his finest accomplishment. He could not part with his painting and carried him almost everywhere he traveled. He combined both male and female attributes to the painting to give it fuller meaning. Did I manage to get you frowned and curious at the same time? Dig into the book fellas!

The Da Vinci Code is mostly controversial because of exploring too many sensitive themes like religious history which involves the church and their involvement with science. The plot moves forward with facts related to Newton, Galileo, and Vinci as the title of the book suggests. to know what the code is you must read the book, you just cannot google it up!

The entire book is based on one single day. Yes, I made no mistake! The whole story revolves around 24
hours and the character, Robert Langdon (I know you are picturing Tom Hanks!) and Sophie Neveu are on their toes solving a murder mystery on their own and trust me this novel will keep you on your toes too, well mentally of course!

The Da Vinci Code was published at the beginning of this millennium, i.e. 2003 and is still a worldwide bestseller today. The film adaptation was made in 2006. The novel is a work of fiction beautifully embedded in the realms of non-fiction. Brown explored elements of art, architecture, and history. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. Only then you will know what makes Dan Brown one of the most popular authors in this era.

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