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In Five Years

In Five Years

What ifs and future visions are two very popular trope in literature that also take place in Rebecca Sarle’s In Five Years.

The synopsis shows the book as a contemporary rom-com about a busy lawyer called Dannie who has her life in order but loses her equilibrium when suddenly she has a vision of her future life in five years that is very different to the one she is living and had envisioned. Unlike most female protagonists in the genre, Dannie has a good life, is capable (not prone to silly clumsiness), and most importantly in the beginning of the novel has a partner that is nice and kind to her.

In Five Years

So, when she has a dream on her engagement day that she is married to a very handsome stranger five years into the future, it creates a question for the reader “which male character should I support”. Things go even more awry when Dannie meets the mystery man in the present . Her perfect life becomes not so perfect and she starts an internal battle about should she let fate take its course or should she move on her own. Simply put, this novel is very different to the other books released in this genre as the story will keep intruding in the reader’s mind even after it is finished. While the reader ponders about which male hero Dannie should go for, they will come across difficult life lessons.

Even though it has been presented as a fate colliding love triangle, the novel is about the heroine. She is the sole narrator and she shines above all. This is heartbreaking, tear jerking, and life contemplating novel will surely become a prime example in the contemporary romance genre. It is a book that one cannot forget after they finish reading. The only thing I will ask the readers to remember is that this book is a romance novel but love comes in many forms so be aware when you read it.

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