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Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart

Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart

In spite of being a fan of literature, I have always had a complex relationship with poetry. I was not particularly fond of it in my first semester of university and even today, I take some time to be able to relate with the words. Hence, when I find a poetry collection that is easy, smooth and powerful, it immediately takes a precious portion of my heart. That being said Courtney Peppernell’s poetry collection: Pillow Thoughts II is my current favorite book that is recommended for all the contemporary lovers out there.

At a certain point of our lives, we all have experienced some kind of loss. Whether it’s a close friend who has betrayed you, a failed relationship with an ex-partner, or the very physical loss that comes with the death of someone close. But this isn’t a collection that narrates of loss. It’s a collection about healing –words that you truly want to hear when you feel like your entire world is crumbling apart.

Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart

It does not require a professional poetry professor to understand the idea of these poems. Whether you have any pre-existing knowledge of the world of poetry or not, you will still find comfort in Peppernell’s words and they give the feeling of understanding and compassion. The extraordinary ability of this book is it gives you a feeling that you’re not alone in your pain which makes it a truly wonderful collection.

This book has five separate sections. The first part talks about how to protect your heart when it is getting swayed by the powerful force of love. That is, how not to lose yourself in the process of loving someone else. The following section teaches the harsh truth of acceptance and letting go when your heartaches beyond the point of tolerance. This section has around forty poems that tell you how to cope up with the intense pain. The next section is for the ones who are in a long-distant relationship or who just got out of one and is being haunted by past memories. The last two sections are dedicated to congratulating a heart that has brilliantly fought its fight and is now at peace.

In a nutshell, this book is an enjoyable, quick read, which can also be revisited and felt anew with different stages in life. It is definitely recommended to all the contemporary poetry lovers out there.

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