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AI at War

AI at War

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In war-torn Mossoul and Rakka, and then in Paris during the Yellow Vest demonstrations, the director confronts Sota, a robot endowed with artificial intelligence, with human tragedy. As time goes by, the relations that arise with the machine raise questions about our human condition and future.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the most beneficial technological development of the twenty-first​ century, but it is often misunderstood outside of specialists in the field. AI at War provides a balanced and practical understanding of this dawning new technology, explaining the importance of machine learning, human-machine interfaces, and big data analysis, components that are often omitted or misunderstood. While AI has many potential applications, Tangredi and Galdorisi have brought together more than thirty experts to focus on those elements relating to national security, making clear the importance and the potential of AI in defending the nation and in warfighting. Contributors include Robert Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense; Admiral James Stavridis, former Commander, Supreme Allied Commander Europe; Admiral Michael Rogers, former Director of the National Security Agency; and Admiral Scott Swift, former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet; as well as scientists and operators who share their theoretical and experiential knowledge of this “game-changing” new field.​


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