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Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie

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Short Stories by Agatha Christie

May be an image of book and text that says 'POIROT agalaa Chuistie HERCULE POIRGO MORE 50 STORIES T FOREWORD BY CHARLES TODD THE COMPLETE SHORT STORIES'Here you have it – all 51 Hercule Poirot short stories presented in chronological order in a single volume. There’s a bonus, a story not seen for more than 70 years!

‘My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.’ The dapper, moustache-twirling little Belgian with the egg-shaped head, curious mannerisms and inordinate respect for his own ‘little grey cells’ has solved some of the most puzzling fictional crimes of the century. Appearing in Agatha Christie’s very first novel in 1920 and her very last in 1975, Hercule Poirot became the most celebrated detective since Sherlock Holmes, appearing in 33 novels, a play, and these 51 short stories.

These short stories provide a feast for hardened Agatha Christie addicts as well as those who have grown to love the detective through his many film and television appearances. This edition also includes Poirot in “The Regatta Mystery, “an early version of an Agatha Christie story not published since 1936!

Some may dispute whether “all” is the correct word. Several Poirot short stories have earlier, alternate, or expanded versions, and we shouldn’t forget the dozen or so not here; they were re-purposed into the 1927 novel “The Big Four.” Others appeared under different titles. Most importantly, “Hercule Poirot The Complete Short Stories” will delight newcomers to Christie’s famous detective, as well as those who just want to remember how good their read was the first time around.


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