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Ibn Taymiyya and His Times by Yossef Rapoport (Editor),Shahab Ahmed (Editor)

Ibn Taymiyya and His Times by Yossef Rapoport (Editor),Shahab Ahmed (Editor)

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Taqi al-Din Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328), one of the most controversial thinkers in Islamic religious history, was repeatedly imprisoned during his lifetime. Today, he is revered by the Wahhabi movement and championed by Salafi groups who call for a return to the pristine golden age of the Prophet. His writings have also been used by radical groups, such as al-Qaeda, to justify acts of terrorism and armed struggle.
In order to explain this modern influence, this volume offers a fresh perspective on Ibn Taymiyya’s life, thought and legacy. The articles in this volume, written by leading authorities in the field, study Ibn Taymiyya’s highly original contributions to Islamic theology, law, Qur’anic exegesis and political thought. Contrary to his current image as an anti-rationalist puritan, this volume shows Ibn Taymiyya to be one of the most intellectually rigorous, complex and interesting figures in Islamic intellectual history.
This is the first comprehensive academic treatment of Ibn Taymiyya to appear in a Western language in over half a century. It is of major importance to scholars of Islamic intellectual history, as well as to the students of modern Islamic movements and ideologies.


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