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It Happened in Charleston Series

It Happened in Charleston Series

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It Happened in Charleston Series

Full set Paperback: 560 Taka
Full set Hardcover: 720 Taka

The Match
(It Happened in Charleston #1) by Sarah Adams

Paperback: 280 Taka
Hardcover: 360 Taka

Genres: Novels, young , adult , fiction, classic, contemporary

Synopsis :
Having worked for Southern Service Paws for a few years now, I like to think I’m prepared for just about any client meeting under the sun. I am dead wrong.
The day I meet with single dad, Jacob Broaden, about potentially matching his daughter with one of our service dogs, I learn a few valuable lessons.

1) Always set my alarm clock.
2) Single dads are way hotter than I previously thought.
3) It is possible to go from fantasizing about kissing someone to wishing they would be run over by a truck in a matter of two minutes.Unfortunately, I don’t hold that opinion of him for very long. Not when he shows me a different side of himself—one that’s sweet as maple syrup and hot as apple pie fresh out of the oven.
Too bad this guy is so far out of my league that I shouldn’t even be allowed to enter the game. Jake doesn’t seem to get that memo though. And after a few days of working closely with him and his daughter, he starts looking at me with fire in his eyes, making me dream of something I probably shouldn’t…A family. “The Match is a feel-good romantic comedy! Perfect for readers who enjoy a sizzling romance without explicit content.”

The Enemy (It Happened in Charleston #2) by Sarah Adams

Paperback: 280 Taka
Hardcover: 360 Taka

Synopsis :
It’s been twelve years since I’ve seen him. Twelve years since he won our war of wits by outsmarting me with a tactic I didn’t even know was allowed. But tonight…I resurrect the battle.

Ryan Henderson is back in town for our best friends’ wedding, and I plan on showing him exactly how much I don’t care about him—or the almost kiss he ruthlessly dangled over me after graduation.

A lot has changed since our feuding days. I’m a successful bakery owner now, and I plan to rub every delicious detail of my life in his ugly face.

Just one problem: his face is gorgeous.


Hardcover, Paperback


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