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Nfts for Dummies by Tiana Laurence

Nfts for Dummies by Tiana Laurence

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Get invested in the world of NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for all the cool tech-y kids, open up the world of owning digital files like photos, videos, audio, and even memes. This is the book for you if you want to get in on the world of these new investments, but are still trying to figure out if your bitcoin will buy you an Etherum. Author Tiana Laurence, an expert who’s been at the forefront of all things crypto since the early days of blockchain, guides you through how to find and buy NFTs, how to create and sell your own NFTs, and even dives into the technology that makes it all work. Who knows, with the help of this book you could wind up the owner of the NFT For Dummies NFT, sure to be worth millions!

A simple answer to the question what is an NFT? Guidance on finding reliable NFT marketplaces Advice on how to buy your first NFT Listings of the types of things that can be sold as an NFT Explanation of what you actually own when you buy an NFT Steps for creating and selling your own NFTs Insight into Ethereum and the technologies that make NFTs work Tips on buying and selling NFTs without getting ripped off


Hardcover, Paperback


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