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Something I Never Told You by Shravya Bhinder

Something I Never Told You by Shravya Bhinder

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Something I Never Told You is a tale about Raunak and Adira. Ronnie is in love with Adira, but they are completely different and opposite to each other. Raunak, a shy, over thinking, introverted boy and Adira, a confident and charming girl. He cannot believe his luck, when Adira starts loving him.

“ She was gone, again; and I failed again and could not tell her how much I loved her.”
Ronnie’s fate gives him a second chance with Adira. His one-sided love story moves at a faster pace this time but instead of becoming his lover; she chooses to become his friend instead.
He needs a mentor and Rajbir steps in just in time.
Something I never told you is a transforming tale of love, determination, belief and finding one’s strengths.

Love Notes From Something I Never Told You-

# Sometimes I wonder if you and I are the same person. We are a little broken, quite messed up and in love with the idea of love.
# Just because of something which happened in the past, do not stop believing in love, do not stop looking for love, do not stop loving.
# We were a little more than friends and a little less than lovers.
# He gazed into her dark eyes. His soul had finally found the place it needed to rest in.
# True love never dies. It sleeps Silently in aching hearts and wakes up on lonely nights.
# When I am gone, don’t look for me. A part of me will always be with you; you carry my heart in your heart.
# Our love filled a space in my heart, space which I did not know even existed.
# Your love was like a serene sunset. I was mesmerized beyond words by it before it left me alone in the darkness.
# I dream about you way too often for us to be- Just friends.
# Looking at you, I think I can write a Love Story.
# Little did I know that my feelings for you were seeds when I buried them deep in my heart to forget you- they grew into love.
# For long I have not been able to find myself, I am still lost in you


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