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The Father-Daughter Talk by R.C. Blakes Jr.

The Father-Daughter Talk by R.C. Blakes Jr.

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The Father Daughter Talk is the response of a father and pastor to what has become a generation of credulous women. Many women are conditioned and manipulated by a perverted male society and are relegated to acquiescing to positions of sexual objectivity.

As the father of three daughters, the author became extremely concerned about the rapid and constant erosion of female dignity in our society—video vixens, sex tapes,
multiple sex partners, etc.

Research shows that girls with an unstable father figure are more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy, low self-esteem, be a school dropout, and become involved in drugs and alcohol.

This book should be read by every father, as a no-holds-barred guide to having a heart-to-heart life-changing talk with their daughters. It should also be placed in the hands
of every young woman—even if there is no father figure present in her life. This candid advice will help her become assertive, proactive, productive, and creative as she grows
into adulthood.

R. C. BLAKES, JR., is the Senior Pastor of the New Home Family Worship Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas. He is the eldest son of the late Bishop Robert C. Blakes, Sr. He and his brother Samuel oversee a network of churches and host a national television program. The family owns and operates KKNO, a Christian radio station in New Orleans. He holds a Master’s degree in Theology and is a sought-after conference speaker. R.C. and his wife, Lisa, are the parents of three daughters and a son.


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