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The Temporary Roomie (It Happened in Nashville #2) by Sarah Adams

The Temporary Roomie (It Happened in Nashville #2) by Sarah Adams

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The whole crew is back together in The Temporary Roomie to see what happens when Jessie is forced to move into Drew’s house while hers is under construction. In return, she’ll stand in as his fake girlfriend at a hospital gala. The two have hated each other with every fiber of their being since the moment they met.

What happens when you have to play nice with your greatest enemy? Revenge.

Drew Marshall may have let me move into his spare bedroom while my house is being renovated, but don’t think for one second his kindness comes without strings. Big, ugly, fake relationship strings.

That’s okay, though, Dr. Andrew. I’ll agree to your terms, move into your house, and act as your girlfriend when the big day comes; but I also plan to make your life miserable—make you pay for what you did to me.

I may not be good at forgiving or forgetting, but I’m excellent at getting even.

Get ready to laugh until you cry with this sizzling, hilarious, closed-door romantic comedy!


Hardcover, Paperback


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